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Home Health Service With US


Giving hope with all our hearts” is our hospital slogan to serve the customers best and it is truly created from our passion, believe and colleagues joining to develop and satisfy our customers for a long time.


By deep understanding and alwayssee our patient’s pain like our family member’s pain, our medical team and other staff in Hoan Hao Kei Mei Kai has always tried and improved with the aim of bring good services to our customers with reasonable prices, honest & wholehearted cares to our customers. Now, to ensure that customers are able to use Home Health Care Service, we open and offer this service “Home Care Doctor”  which doctors will come to the home, consult, check, give drug and especially “customers do not have to come to the hospital” except some special cases.  

Following by technical experiences from Vietnamese medical team and with the consultations form Japanese medical team, Hoan Hao Kei Mei Kai Hospital will commit to join and provide great services to the customers with the strong promise where “customer heath is always the first and we join for the public health.

Home Health Check Criteria

- Professional, whole-hearted and enthusiastic supports

- Honest and experienced medical team

- Convienient and saving time

- Responsible and having reputation

In order to use this service, please feel free to contact us as the following phone number:

(+84) 911 310 431 or (+84) 911 310 941

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