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Inpatient service


Resident department has 83 beds, receive resident treatment for diseases of cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, digestion, gastroenterology, urinary, nerve etc.

Rooms are quipped as hotel’s standard, each room has 1-4 beds to be suitable with patient needs; spacious, clean and airy corridor and lounges with patient caring service with heart, guarantee to make patients and families feel comfortable and satisfied.

Specially, well – equipped VIP room system will make patients feel comfortable during the whole time stay with us.

Resident services:

· Examine, diagnose, medical treatment and surgery for almost all deceases of: kidney – urinary, digestion – liver – gall, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, ear – nose – throat, eyes,…

· Convenient services: nutrition regime according to treatment requirements, room services.

- Physical Therapy Skills Lab

Types of room and bed fees

Regular room:

  • 5 beds/room (200.000 VND / person)
  • 3 beds/room (200.000 VND / person)

Room service:

  • 1 bed/room (600.000 VND / person)
  • 2 beds/room (300.000 VND / person)

All rooms have air conditioners

Other fees included:

  • Patient care fee: 50.000VND
  • Patient uniform fee: VND 15.000VND/set (ironing + packing)

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