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Outpatient Service


We keep on continuing bring most comfortable, satisfied feeling to the customers, Hoan Hao General Hospital is equipped with modern equipments, clean and airy design, we can receive thousands patient a day.

With professional specialist doctors and general doctors team full of experience; thoroughly examining and consulting and team of nurses who always willing to serve the patients. With supporting of modern test system and diagnostic imaging system; our hospital provides test, diagnose and treatment for outpatient with various packages and services; supplies all needs of customers fully.

- Physical Therapy Skills Lab

Patient flow

<First visit>

① Please come to the No.2 or 3 counter. Register patient information and issue medical chart (5000VND).

② Go to the examination room and consult your doctor about the symptoms. Order inspections as needed.

③ If it is judged that inspection is necessary, please come to each laboratory. Common inspections (labs, X-rays, and ultrasonic inspections, … etc).

④ Visit the doctor again after the examination and consult about diagnosis and treatment.

⑤ Please submit the medical chart at the 5th counter. After that, please wait for a while until your name is called.

⑥ If your name is called, please go to the 6th and 7th counters. At this time, a prescription is issued when necessary.

⑦ Please receive the medicine at the corresponding pharmacy.

⑧ If a medical certificate or other document is required, it will be issued at the No. 1 counter.

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