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Emergency Resuscitation

The Emergency Resuscitation Department of Hoan Hao Kei Mei Kai hospital is a department specializing in treating cardiovascular, respiratory, urological and digestive diseases. Along with the hospital’s modern equipment system, the Emergency Resuscitation performs examination, treatment and counseling on diseases and includes surgery and surgical interventions.

With a team of enthusiastic and professional doctors and specialists combined with hospital services, it has brought many good treatment results for patients as well as patient satisfaction.

Function - Mission

- Receive patients 24/7

- The Faculty is able to handle all emergency situations such as :

Emergency respiratory: Some Cases of respiratory of failure for many reasons.

Internal Emergency: Patients with severe infections, septic shock.

Emergency cardiology: Emergency Resuscitation Department receives and treats patients with cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, arrhythmia…

Collaborate and coordinate closely with clinical departments to offer the best and fastest treatment options.


- The doctors in charge of treatment have postgraduate qualifications.

- Equipped with emergency machines like: Electric shock machine, monitor machine, automatic injection pumps…

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