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Obstetric - Gynecology


  • The Obstetric – Gynecology Department of Hoan Hao Kei Mei Kai Hospital with a team of experienced doctors who directly examine, consult and treat patients.
  • Equipped with modern medical equipment, clean and airy space, spacious and private rooms, attentive care will help patients feel secure and comfortable when treated here.

Medical services in obstetrics:


- Examination, consultation and treatment of gynecological diseases.

- Screening for cervical cancer

- Implement family planning measures

- Diagnosis and treatment of ovarian and breast tumors.

- Examination and consultation for infertility treatment.


- Examining and diagnosing early pregnancy

- Diagnosis and treatment of cases of fetal pathology in the first 3 months of pregnancy: threatened abortion, pregnancy, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy.

- Prenatal counseling, fully carrying out tests, image diagnosis to detect early fetal abnormalities.

- Monitoring the health of mother and baby during pregnancy.

- Perform normal birth, cesarean section according to indications and techniques.

- Esthetic cosmetic surgery perineal at  birth, after birth.

- Newborn screening to screen for abnormalities in the baby after birth.

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