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Surgery- Anesthesiology

The resuscitation anesthetic surgery department has been in operation for nearly 12 years since Hoan Hao General hospital was established. The department of anesthesia is a department of service for patients. With a team of highly specialized, dedicated and thoughtful service, the department has now developed branches such as neurological anesthesia, general, liver, bile, urology, head and neck, otolaryngology, gynecology…


- Examining, treating, operating surgeries and giving emergency for the whole hospital, in addition to participating in outpatient emergency when necessary.

- Operating room: This is where the surgery takes place so the risk of cross-infection between patients and medical staff is very high so prevention is very important throughout the process of work and development of the department.

- Economic management in medical: This is where the best technique and the best anaesthetics are used, therefore, economic management is concerned and strictly controlled.


- The Surgery – Anesthesiology Department has 3 operating-table , 1 postoperative room, 1 preoperating  room to ensure patients of the department implement the anesthesia and resuscitation techniques in the best and most effective way.

- Improve service quality under the direction of the hospital’s Board of Directors, perform early surgery packages, request surgery, reduce pain after surgery.


- Advanced technical expertise: Sending professional staff to study, standardize all professional techniques used for patients.

- The patient was warmly and attentively received from the hospital’s team of doctors and nurses.

- Keeping continuing to implement the best postoperative analgesia technique.

- Controlling the disease is always ensured and prepared carefully.

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