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The Pharmacy Department was established with the introduction of HOAN HAO general hospital with an organizational structure including functions to provide drug information, statistics on pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, hospital pharmacy professional management. Through many years of operation and development, the Pharmacy Department has fulfilled its role of ensuring adequate timely supply of drugs, chemical and supplies for treatment. At the same time, ensure the management of medicine import and export in drugstores, supervise and advise on rational use of drugs.

Our Pharmacy Department is constantly working on improving the dispensing process, applying information technology and modern support devices heading to safety  way, accuracy, quickness, convinient in drug supply services and reducing the time that patients need to wait for a long time.

Especially in the early December 2019 is a new breakthrough that marked a change in the Pharmacy Department of HOAN HAO KEI MEI KAI hospital because of the joining of a CUC group from Japan. All the pharmacists in the Pharmacy Department strive to improve and comply with the slogan  "Giving hope with all our heart".


  1. We are planning to supply drugs to ensure sufficient quantity and quality for treatment needs and clinical trials to meet the requirements for diagnosis, treatment and other treatment requirements (prevent from diseases, natural disasters …)
  2. Manage and follow the process of importing drugs, dispensing drugs for treatment and unexpected needs.
  3. Acting as a focal point for organizing and carrying out activities of the Council of Medicines and treatment.
  4. Preserving drugs strictly according to the principle “Doing good at storage practice”.
  5. Carrying out clinical pharmacy, information, advice on drug use, participate in vigilance, follow and report information related to undesirable effects of drugs.
  6. Manage and follow the implementation of professional pharmacy regulations in the hospital department.
  7. To direct the implementation of a plan
  8. Following and manage funding of drug use
  9. Manage hospital pharmacy operations according to regulations.
  10. Carry out the task of supplying, following, managing, supervising, inspecting and reporting on medical order of consumption (cotton, bandage, alcohol, gauze) to medical facilities without facilities medical equipment and supplies.


- Modernizing the allocation of case medicines to SafetyExactlyQuicklyEffectively.

- Promoting drug information activities – pharmacy information activities: Enhance professional capacity, meet better and better requirements to ensure safety and effectiveness in each patient’s use of drugs.

- All of staff in the pharmacy department will be continuously trained to improve their professional qualifications to suit the development of the hospital.

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